This movie shows Tsetse fly blood feeding, water excretion, pregnancy, birth of a larva, larval wandering and pupation. Tsetse flies exclusively feed on blood, lactate and give birth to live offspring. They are the vectors of African trypanosomes which cause African Sleeping sickness

Female tsetse fly feeding on blood via an artificial feeding system. Tsetse flies feed exclusively on vertebrate blood.

Tsetse flies concentrate blood after feeding by excreting excess water within the blood meal.

Female tsetse fly (Glossina morsitans) pregnant with a 3rd instar larva. The larva can be seen moving in the mothers uterus

A female tsetse fly giving birth to a live larvae. Females lactate and provide their offspring with all the nutrients they will need until they become adults.

After birth a tsetse fly larva wanders and seeks a place to burrow into to become a pupa.

Catching tsetse flies in the Nguruman Escarpment using an Ngu trap.

Here's a video I shot last year of "dancing" Beech Blight Aphids. The form large colonies on Beech trees and have a white fluffy tail that they wave in the air when disturbed. The more close up shots are towards the end of the video.